Friday, November 18, 2016

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sewing classes for the fall semester

Hello Families,

I plan to offer sewing classes, on Fridays, at the Morris Center - this fall semester.

Classes will start on September 18th. Times and levels of instruction will be determined by interest.

Contact me directly at to ask questions or express interest in sewing classes.

See post, directly below for basic info. I will update any changes as necessary.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fall 2014 Sewing Classes

I will be offering sewing classes this fall - beginning and intermediate level.  Classes will be offered on Friday's in Lawrence, morning and afternoon.  The location is 146 Indian Ave, in east Lawrence.

Sewing meets the same time as the Encore Fine Arts groups.  I can try to accommodate music students that wish to take a sewing class as well as participate in a musical opportunity

Although an exact starting date hasn't been determined, it would most likely be the second or third Friday in September.  Classes meet for approximately 75 minutes each week. The semester consists of at least nine class meetings, perhaps ten, if it can be fit in.  The cost is $95.00 per semester.

I have had both girls and boys take my classes, from third grade and up - through adult. I rely on the parent to let me know if their student is ready for a class that involves a lot of  "hands on" and attention to detail.

Each student needs a portable sewing machine and supplies that would need to come to class each week.  The goal is to make one or two simple projects in the beginning class.  The intermediate class would work on a more difficult project, completing one of two projects by the end of the semester.

In order to get the most out of my classes, each student will need to practice sewing skills between class meetings.

Please email me at with questions or to sign up. Class size is limited.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Summer sewing classes

Below are two options to add sewing as a summer activity.

Option 1:

Sewing camp - this group would meet for five class sessions for 75 - 90 minutesThe goal would be to learn the very basics, and make one simple project. The fee is $55.00 per student for the five-week session.  Possible class days would be Wednesday or Thursdays - late morning or early afternoon.

Basic sewing supplies and project materials will be needed, as well as a portable sewing machine that would be brought to class each session.

This option would be the perfect way to become familiar with the sewing machine, learn a few sewing techniques, and prepare the student for the next level.

See location information highlighted below.

Option 2:

Sewing classes for beginning and intermediate students. The exact day has been set yet, but it would most likely be Wednesday or Thursday, morning or afternoon.

The fee is $95.00 per person for a nine week summer session.  Each class will meet between 75 - 90 minutes, once a week. For those with busy summers, we could meet twice a week. I am open to various scheduling, depending on how many enroll and how much has to be worked around.

The location of the classes will be at the Morris Center - 146 Indian Ave, in Lawrence.  I am open to holding classes in another Lawrence location, if a large enough group were to enroll and arrangements could be made to hold classes there.

Beginning Sewing:

The classes will cover hand and basic machine sewing.  We will do one or two simple projects that will involve straight machine stitching. To get the most from the class, the students will need to practice newly learned techniques at home.

There will be worksheets, general sewing practice, and a project to be worked on inside and outside of class time.  Assigned work is due the following week. A notebook, with all the  weekly assignments, notes, vocabulary, worksheets, etc. will be part of the class.

Each student will need sewing supplies, a one-inch binder, a portable sewing machine that can be brought to class each week, and fabric/notions/etc. for an assigned project.

Intermediate Sewing:

These classes will continue where the beginning level left  off.  There will be more seam finishes and hand sewing techniques covered, as well as basic garment construction.  One or two projects will be completed in this class.  The format of this level will be much like the  beginning level – worksheets, practicing new and old techniques, and project work to be done outside of class.  We will continue to add to the notebook that was started in the beginning level.

There will be a minimum and maximum number of students per class offered. To get the most out of the classes, students should plan of practicing outside of class time.


Martha Bachert


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Second semester starts on January 11th!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas break!

Come to class on the 11th with some project ideas!

Mrs. B

How cute is this? A Lego sewing machine!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Week five - nine, and beyond

We have moved along nicely, some are getting projects done quickly, others have harder tasks to perform but it should all work out by the end of the semester.

Class has been cancelled for Nov. 30th.  We won't meet again until next semester, UNLESS you need help finishing any projects that you are giving as Christmas gifts.  I will make time to meet with anyone that needs my help with that.  Just let me know before too much of December goes by.

Everyone be thinking of what they want to make second semester.  Let's find projects that stretch the skill level a bit - everyone is ready for that.

Have a wonderful holiday break.


Mrs. B